09 June 2015

In central Greece, there is a rock formation called Meteora which means standing still like hovering. In that magical location I was December 2014 to shoot the Geniminds meteor shower and try my luck with a few more frames. This one shows the MilkyWay galaxy setting behind the rocks on sky conditions as good as it gets at the site with all the light pollution.

MilkyWay, Meteora, landscape

Milky sets behind Meteora


07 June 2015

There was a strong thunderstorm last week happening near my home that gave a very interesting electric show. I was tired after work relaxing when I realized what was coming outside. Without a second thought I packed my gear and headed out to find a shooting location and enjoy the view!


A beautiful storm with many thunders.


06 June 2015

This is my latest full moon rising composite taken from Thessaloniki Greece. I had to wait for a year since I observed the orbit of the moon would come at the correct alighnment with the city’s landmark, the White Tower (the circular building at lower left).


09 February 2014

About a year ago, we had a beautiful planetary conjunction with planets Venus, Mercury and Jupiter hanging in the sky just after sunset. I had a perfect scenery from a mountain very close to my home town Thessaloniki and despite the cold and windy conditions I gave it a shot!


Spaceship Earth

Planets Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are coming together on a unique conjunction.


04 February 2015

Last week I’ve managed to image the supernova explosion at M99 SN2014L. When I heard the news I just couldn’t believe that another supernova happened in a galaxy from the Messier catalog. This year is full with bright supernova in nearby galaxies so far, I wonder what is there to be found in the future!

SN2014L is shown at Mag 15.5.

A new supernovae found in Galaxy M99!

25 January 2014

A new supernovae explosion was found in galaxy M82. This is one of the most observed galaxies by amateur astronomers and for me the third galaxy I ever observed after Andromeda and M81! After the initial anouncement of the discovery, I had good weather in my robotic observatory and managed to make an unfiltered image of the galaxy with the 304mm SC telescope which I remotely controled from my home at the center of Thessaloniki.

A bright supernova has been found at the famous Cigar Galaxy

A bright supernova has been found at the famous Cigar Galaxy














The image is a composition of 60 exposures of 30 seconds each. The image is rotated 180 degrees.

6 January 2014

This is the first image of the year 2014 I upload and it shows one of the most spectacular views of the night sky I’ve seen in my life. It is the Southern Cross constellation with all the jewels this part of the sky has to offer. The image was made at Mangaia island in the Pacific Ocean. I was there in July 2010 to observe the total solar eclipse that happened there and had an opportunity to see the darkest skies so far. This is a place where the moonless starry sky casts shadows!



10 December 2013

Last Sunday 8 December 2013, I travelled to Chalkidiki on a very dark site away from city lights, to image comet Lovejoy C2013 R1. I used a Takahashi FSQ106ED refracting telescope at f/5 with a SBIG STF8300 CCD camera with LRGB filters.

Comet Lovejoy C/2013 R1

The image was made Sunday 8 December at 03:50UT time.


26 November 2013

Thunders vs Satellites!

Two Iridium satellites are simultaneously passing above the city of Lambarene in Gabon Africa.

The image shows Iridium satellites 7 and 51 passing with only 8 seconds time difference and 0.7 degrees separation.

Comet ISON


Last Saturday I was at Chalkidiki imaging comet ISON through the clouds. The result is interesting since there where quite a few characteristics seen but poor transparency didn’t help a lot! The image was made with a Takahashi FSQ106ED refractor @f/5 and a SBIG STF8300 CCD camera.